Често задавани въпроси

Why trusting us?

This is not an ordinary page with question and answer.

We, hereby, relate directly to YOU! The man who has liked something, who really wants to try our product, but also a man who has doubts about it.

We are not frauds or thiefs. Actually, we believe in the very personal attitude to every one of our customers. We cherish higher the opinion of every one of our friends.

Thus we call on you.. Everytime when you have question, opinion or whatever else, connect with us! By phone, by email, by our chat plugin. We want to asure you of our conscientiousness!

Method of delivery and price

By curier service with a tracking code.


1) Please use Paypal for payment method!

2) We send the products within 2 days

3) Delivery usually takes about 10 days for EU

4) The cost of delivery is 10 Euro

5) Over 100 Euro it is free to EU

Shipping outside Bulgaria

We ship worldwide. If you have any inquiry, please contact us.


Each one of us has had the unpleasant experience of finding out that his favorite shirt has stretched incredibly or that his new sweatshirt has faded or shrunk after washing.

Therefore, we will give you some useful pieces of advice:

We recommend that you wash your clothes at a temperature up to 30 degrees or using a program for delicate fabrics. Thus, you will avoid creasing. Use washing detergents for color clothes. Bleaching is not allowed! Iron using slightly heated iron. When washing and ironing, the shirt has to be turned inside out. Exposure to strong sun while drying may damage the color of the fabric.

If we haven't respond to your order

Simply call us on one of the telephones or email us rightaway! We are here if some problems occur.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Using the services, you agree to the rules and conditions underlined in the text below.


Method of payment

Bank payment

Terms and conditions of claims

Claims are permissible in case of discrepancy in:

size (e.g.: you order „М” – you receive „L”)

colour (e.g.: you order „black” – you receive „white”)

Goods will be exchanged immediately. In this case, goods will be exchanged at our expense


Noone can see or edit your personal information without knowing your username and password. It is advisable to remember your password instead of writing it down! Passwords used on our site have to contain at least 6 symbols! Intervals and special symbols are not accepted.

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